Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Girl Beyonce, My Love Baba

Babaganoush do I have some heavy stuff to blog about today.

First, after months of speculation, false alarms and reports it's been confirmed by reputable sources and by reputable I mean, the only source there should be, that my BFF Beyonce has applied for a marriage license to the one and only Jay-Z, Hov, Hova, Sean Corey Carter, Mr. Rocawear himself. I'm so happy, you don't even know. And isn't the picture below just plain romantic?

This is big news. This means that it will only be a few years before we see what their babies will look like. It keeps me up at night and the only thing that gets in the way of thinking of all the beautiful, talented varying shades of brown babies they could create is figuring out what the baby will be named. There are just too many options. Bejaynce? Beysean? BeyJay? Or will they go the Apple, Phineas, Harlow road? I'm way intrigued.

While I sat at my desk and thought about this and other important things going on in the world like how Jessica Simpson is doing with her kidney infection (been there, done that, way way way over cranberry juice) my office buddy and all around awesome friend, who I'll call B-squared for blog purposes, arrived bearing gifts. And when I say gifts, I mean food, the best gift aside from money and jewelry and we're just not at that point in our relationship yet. Not only did she bring food, she brought homemade babaganoush with pita bread to dip.

I took an awesome photo (see above) and sat at my desk relishing the smooth, buttery texture of the whipped eggplant creation before me. B squared put in an extra clove of garlic and that made all the difference in the way the spicy, tart, salty, slightly sweet flavors mixed together to just define the word delicious. I opened my blogger screen and glanced, as I always do, at my tagline, ready to expound on the greatness of B-squared's baba.

In an instant, I saw both my worlds come together before me in a momentous, serendipitous and almost breath taking moment. When I wrote the tagline for this blog, I thought of it more as a statement that summarized my daily world, a thesis statement if you will, a guiding principle for the reasons why I wanted to write in such a public way.

"Because sometimes I wanna talk to Beyonce about my Babaganoush..."

And I do! I really do!

I feel like the collision today between me, the Beyonce, the Babaganoush, is a not so subtle push from the man above that blogging here might be just where I need to be right now. Sometimes we take things too seriously. And sometimes we have a right to that.

Laugh all you want. I'm off to have a private convo with Mrs. Jay Z.

We have a lot to say today.

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kelli said...

Following up on an earlier inter-office conversation, I wanted to reiterate that I believe the addition of chick peas to baba in no way takes away from said baba's baba-ness. In that way, I support B squared and her chick pea-ness. So to speak.